Sara Butt
Wildlife Art

original paintings - equine & feline art

limited edition prints


Artist Sara Butt


 Thank you for visiting sarabutt-art. I live in Poole, Dorset, and studied Illustration and graphic design at Bournemouth Art College. My career started part-time with commissions of domestic pets, whilst I worked full time as a designer for a local company. When my family came along I left work and became freelance leaving me more time to concentrate on my painting.

Wanting to keep up with my interest in animals, especially cats as they have always been a big part of my life since I was a very young child. I was exhibiting in a London gallery and by chance found out the same gallery held an exhibition for the Society of Feline Artists (SOFA). After my first exhibition with SOFA I became a member and have shown my work with other feline artists at the Llewellyn Alexander Gallery, as well as in Bristol, Wareham and other local events. Before joining I never realized what a world of cat lovers we are!

 I also became more involved with animals through my love of Wildlife; working with wildlife constantly motivates me, capturing their expressions, the eye contact

and  the natural colours in the texture of fur, skin, and feathers when I’m really up for a challenge! And of course portraying such beautiful animals that are so vulnerable on this planet we share. But also being able to exhibit at David Shepherd - Wildlife Artist of the Year for a number of years now, and other events, that give back to conservation to help and protect these incredible creatures.